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WCAG Audits ADA Compliance Audits & Section 508 Audits

ADA Compliance solutions for Shopify, Bigcommerce, and all similar platforms. We do it all when it comes to ADA servicing to ensure compliance with the latest WCAG regulatory standards. Our packages include auditing, remediation, user testing, monitoring services, and more.

Have You Received a Demand Letter? Don’t Panic, Take Action!

Don’t delay, respond promptly!
  1. Consult a Lawyer Immediately: Ignoring the letter won’t make it go away. Lawyers can provide expert guidance on how to respond, especially if deadlines are involved.
  2. Review Contracts and Agreements: If you have contracts with web developers or designers, your lawyer will help you understand any implications.
  3. Assess Your Website’s Accessibility: Hire accessibility experts to conduct a thorough evaluation of your website or app against WCAG 2.1 criteria. Avoid quick fixes like layover widgets, which don’t address the root problems.
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The Importance of Accessibility

  • Ongoing Maintenance: Accessibility is not a one-time fix. Regular updates and reviews are essential. Successful companies stay proactive with continuous evaluations and inclusive policies.
  • Investing in Accessibility: Skipping accessibility investments can lead to repeated demand letters and expensive litigation. Make sure your website is accessible to everyone, including users relying on assistive technologies like NVDA and JAWS.

Navigating ADA Demand Letters: Next Steps

– Written Responses: Send a detailed response to the sender of the ADA demand letter.

– Public Announcements: Use your website, social media channels, or facility signage to inform the public of your accessibility enhancements.

Transparent communication demonstrates your commitment to accessibility and inclusivity.

Accessibility Mitigation Steps:

  • 1.Our team reviews your digital assets with top tools and develops a plan for accessibility and compliance.
  • 2.After evaluation, we provide tailored recommendations and seek your approval to implement the accessibility plan.
  • 3.We implement approved changes, share a preview, finalize, and use Power Mapper to fix codding issues live.
  • 4.After completion, blind user testing is conducted on a recorded call, shared in the final audit file.
  • 5.We compile a report, addressing plugin issues and adding an accessibility statement for transparency.
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ADA Compliance for Shopify & E-Commerce Websites

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We have more than 20 years of experience.

Our certified developers follow rigorous protocol and standards. Most importantly our developers implement manual testing and do not use any bots which aren’t effective for the latest ADA compliance standards.

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Lawsuit filings against small business has skyrocketed

Small businesses across every industry have seen a significant increase in lawsuits due to the perceived lack of IT and legal expertise. We’re here to help and guide business owners entrenched in any compliance related lawsuit.

Why is Web Accessibility Important for Your Business?

1.8 billion people worldwide are living with disabilities. Offering equal access will allow your business to reach a wider audience and improve your brand reputation.
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Competitive Prices With Excellent Service

When a demand letter reaches a business owner, they often reach out to us here at ADA Webmasters. Our reputation is reflective of the quality of our work and developers.
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